À propos de moi

A smiling boob

Call me Drei. Don’t forget the “I”, I’m quite self-absorbed.

I’m half kidding,  I love giving back and helping out when I can. Though I’m terrible with giving advice, I let people see things the other way — a bit astray from orthodox, but not necessarily against the world. Sometimes, “typical” is appalling, just sometimes.

I started this blog so I could simply share some of my thoughts and experiences though words and photographs. I decided it’d be better to document my small, but cherishing moments through this in lieu of messy, inconsistent Instragram posts. I want something to look back at when I’m older — the way I think and feel as well as the things I do overtime. Consider this a guide too, as I may spill some weekend recipes, therapeutic activities, or places to dine in case it would matter to you.

Can’t call it a day without some pastries and cup of latte!