I won’t play it safe this 2019

A note to myself and those afraid to take risks:

You know how you’re not living your best life? You’re scared—maybe of what others would think, or the sacrifices you’d have to make. One way or another, we’re all afraid of messing things up—of failing—but that shouldn’t stop us from taking risks for the rest of our years. And anyway, what exactly is failure? Letting your fears drown you, or worse, numb you until you don’t realize you’ve gone on autopilot, stripping yourself of emotion and distress—which I think is way worse than having them. Whatever’s holding you back, let it go (unless your life literally depends on it), and you’ll thank yourself later. You’ll screw up along the way, but who doesn’t? Not all mistakes are failures, just the ones you don’t learn from.

Some people spend their whoIe lives trying to figure things out, they forget to actually live. And what I mean by that is, we’re alive—why not make the most of it and explore our possibilities? I played it safe in 2018, laid-back and idle in my comfort zone. I spent a good part of this year on the couch, munching on home-baked cookies, binge-watching on Netflix, or as I called it, “taking a break, figuring things out.” Rest is important, but I clearly took it too far. What was I resting from anyway? I found myself in a rut, doing the same, boring things everyday until it came to a point where I actually got stressed about not being stressed! You feel me?

Something was lacking. The adrenaline you experience on a roller coaster ride, or when you’re walking towards the center of the stage, withstanding the fright coming from a crowd waiting to amazed by your act—it makes you feel a thousand things all at once, and you push yourself to the limit. Thrill is what keeps us going. Thrill gives you the guts to do things you never thought you would. Thrill keeps us alive.

So, what exactly do we take to get our blood pumping? Risks. And not only do we take risks to fuel ourselves, but we also become better through them. The great things in life don’t just come knocking at your door (sometimes they do), you reach out for them. Nothing comes to those who just wait.

I definitely can’t say that my 2018 was spectacular, nor can I say that it was the best year I’ve had so far, but one thing’s for sure—it taught me a good lesson—to stop slacking around and take action. Again, rest is good, but we should use it to recharge and keep ourselves grounded in the present.

I think I mentioned this in my 2017 post, but I’ve always found it a bit challenging to write about my life, because it’s so damn ordinary. It’s boring, mundane, a tad stressful, and the classic “alright”. I hardly ever went to the beach, nor went to late night parties to get wasted. And well you know, the stuff millennials post on Instagram. On the bright side, it was a year of many firsts, from trying out Tae Kwon Do to working out regularly at the gym with friends. I even got to travel with my family to Malaysia and Singapore after four years!

What’s important is that I get to appreciate my life and the people around me more every year, and that in itself is a huge milestone.


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