Three Outfits for Your Next Funeral

I was sorting out my photos from different laptops and devices into one. I found a few shots from an extra credit task I crammed for Megatrends in senior year. I get a dull, lifeless vibe from these so I thought, “Hey, these could make great get-ups for funerals”. I’m going to place this here on the blog for me to edit in a few weeks. If you’re reading this now, thanks man. Now you know that I publish unfinished drafts and other half-baked stuff I don’t share on social media. This is because I’m too lazy to check the drafts tab and edit them from there. My plan for this post in particular is not yet clear, I just kinda like these shots. I’m not going to end this paragraph with a widow so I added a sentence. Whoops, I’ll add another sentence.

Cotton On + H&M. Forgot where the boots came from.

So under my Uni Qlo vest is a Nike golf shirt. Yes, those were my school shoes from last year. Culottes are from Penthouse (UPTC).

I don’t even know where I got these.