Your Guide to Cheap, Everyday Coffee in Katipunan

Now, before you think of ordering Grande-sized milk at Starbucks or a half a 3-in-1 at the vending machine, take a look this:

We all need our daily coffee fix, but it doesn’t have to get too pricey! One thing’s for sure, you’re all familiar with these brands, but little did you know that they serve quality coffee at staggeringly low prices. What a steal!

Vending machines? Pass. I’ve had experiences with cups of air, creamer, and ants; It’s pretty gross. If you hadn’t noticed, the 3-in-1, cappuccino, latte, and even the mocha bear the same sweet and greasy qualities. What I noticed was the lack of consistency in taste and proportion; sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s just plain terrible.

Brewed coffee on the other hand, has a more wholesome twist to it. Beans are freshly ground and the process is clean and crisp.

McDonalds’ Brewed Coffee never gets old, especially when it comes with a hash brown! 44 pesos for 16 ounces? Not only does it pass for a good cup, but also keeps you up and running for the day. It’s got the right levels of bitter and sweet. I’ll give this one a thumbs up for the road.

UCC (Ueshima Coffee Company) in Shakey’s Katipunan  ?I ordered a Mocha right away. To my surprise, I only had to pay 70 pesos, when it’s around 140-160 pesos at actual UCC stores.

7/11’s City Blends is a bit subpar, but just right for its price! The French Vanilla’s one to pick if you want the most out of the city blends.

Tom N Tom’s Cafe Americano is my personal favourite on the list. You have the option of having it strong, or light. I also recommend their savoury pretzels with garlic or cream cheese dip! A set (pretzel + Americano) costs 200 pesos at the lowest. More than the coffee, I find its interior conducive to learning. It’s open 24/7 with unlimited WiFi connection.

After a whole semester of spending Php 150 + on coffee, I realized I needed to be more practical with how I spend my money, so I scoured half the stretch of Katipunan for affordable, quality coffee that I could have for to-go. If I keep this going, I’ll be able to save 3000 pesos a month!



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