Through Words and Snapshots

Your quintessential Manila foodie and coffee addict is on the net! I’m Drei and I’m glad to be starting the year right with my newfound love for blogging.

Just a background—I’m currently taking up BS Communications Technology Management at the Ateneo de Manila University. I’m the Associate Vice President for Content Management at UpStart in Ateneo and an instrumentalist at the Ateneo Musicians’ Pool.

As a kid, I was always fond of journals and photo albums, because memories held a great deal of value to me. I still make it a point to list my thoughts down everyday, so future me could re-imagine and revisit. I write as though I’m the reader; it’s as simple as conversation. I’m also quite nitty-gritty when it comes to detail, creativity, and authenticity.  

I find so much joy in simply being, all the more when creatively stressed in picture and in writing. Life is a gift that many have yet to recognize and savour; I aim to inspire people through that lens. In light of that, here are some of the things I would normally write about:


Music was always my safe haven for when I couldn’t express myself verbally. I grew up with my fingers on the keys and my hands on the beat. I learned to tell stories through rhythm and many other musical dynamics. I can’t wait to share some of what I’ve been working on!

Art is more of my pastime. Though I’m not yet technical about the fundamentals of art, the process, more or less, allows me to have fun with the play of light, shadow, and colour, based on how I’m feeling at the moment.


Everything’s been laid out for mankind, all we have left to do is venture and discover. I cherish even the shortest day trips out of town, because an adventure is an adventure, no matter how small.  Aren’t we all curious about the world we live in?


I think more than I speak. I enjoy walking alone most of the time, because it helps me digest my thoughts and emotions. I’m a person of self-introspection, and it is something I value much more than surface-level friendships. You and I may or may not think very alike, but the more perspectives, the better, right?

Recreational activities

Instead of reading through people’s lives on social media, why not focus on our own? Dedicating most of the day for our personal growth is stepping stone to happiness—internal happiness.


No, I’m not dressed for a wake.

Like pretty much everyone else, my styles are pretty diverse. I stick with basics when I’m at school, and go on the smart-casual side when I’m out to go shopping. What I wear says a lot about how I’m feeling for the day (except when I’m in a hurry!) My get-ups usually follow the three Cs—comfort, colour, and complement.


Flat White, Brown Paper Project Cafe

I’ve developed a comforting addiction to coffee not only in taste, but also in aroma and aesthetic. Coffee-crawling was always on my weekend list, and there’s more to it than trying out different blends and brews— a sense of community. The more cafes I visited, the more friends I’ve made.

Food trips, cafes, and diners.

Salmon Donburi, Tokyo Bubble Tea

Oh, and who doesn’t go on food trips? People always ask me for the best restaurants to dine in when they’re not familiar with where they’re heading. I can’t imagine my life without food culture, especially in the Philippines! You get a taste of different cuisines, Filipino style.

Oftentimes I would check When In Manila for great places to eat or relax in the metro. I read through their internship primer last night, and thought, “Wow, writing in the comfort of my own home? Meetings only twice or thrice a month?” I’ve never come across an internship program so flexible, fun, and convenient. The whole idea got me pumped, so I’m giving it a shot!

Truffle Pasta, Kettle

I see this internship opportunity as an avenue for me to grow and connect with aspiring bloggers and creatives alike. It would be an honor to be a part of a community that captures food, design, and culture all through the human experience. I would love to finally have people to share my adventures with!


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