Thoughts on 2016

2016: Here’s your daily mug of gross, insipid coffee.

Lackluster crap. Get Me The Hell Out Of Here.

If this year were a viand, I’d say it tasted hella bland. For me, 2016 was a series of stodgy, mundane events. It was lacking of thrill, just as oddly exciting as gazing at polluted, stagnant bodies of water. I’ve ran so many marathons of daily humiliation that it’s become an essential part of me. Nothing new, nothing special. I decided I’d put on a mask of don’t-screw-with-me apathy for the rest of the year until all the pain wears off and I’m good to go for a fresh start. I love to pretend my problems don’t exist; they’re either challenges, or in my things-that-don’t-matter-to-me-and-won’t-matter-in-ten-years list. I have no idea what’s gotten into both society and myself, but past is past and whatever happens happens. The whole twist to living is that you don’t actually live; you survive. It then becomes a matter of what you do with life’s lemons. Things will always get better if you want them to be, you just have to see through the fence.

Okay, well I’m pretty sure life has been going great for a lot of you, and if so, bake yourself a huge ass cake because you deserve it. Can you believe it? You’re actually reading this — you’re alive. Congratulations for sticking through thick and thin. Look at you, growing stronger everyday, and maybe a bit more beautiful? Life will repay you in some sort, so look forward to that. In the meantime, hang in there, bud. Momma nature ain’t gonna spoil your impatience.

2016 has been undoubtedly horrible, but I was thinking — if this year was entirely awful, then I strongly believe that 2017 will be entirely amazing. From the caliginosity of senior year to the cringe-worthy, regretful performances I had alongside it, there exists some light in all this distress. Rainbows form after thunderstorms and I’m hoping for some fancy pot of gold.

It’s never the end until you say it is. You hold the pen to your story, and it’s up to you whether you want to write the next chapter, or draw it to a close.

Moral of the year: Care less about what others think. Focus on making yourself happy, comfortable, and most of all… better.

Woo. Hand me some fresh beans, and get me grinding.

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